Friday, 30 April 2010

Garden Bird Talk by Niall Hatch BWI

On 22 April Niall Hatch who is the development officer for BWI visited the branch to give a presentation and slide show on Garden Birds. A large crowd attended this very informative and entertaining presentation. Those present were surprised to learn that their garden birds lived such short lives and that many winter visitors to their bird tables were migrants from Scandinavia and Eastern Europe. He discussed the plight of the swallow and the hardship they face on migration. It was sad to learn that many don’t survive the long migration to Africa and back. He also passed on many interesting facts on members of the crow family and the prize for the most intelligent bird went to the Magpie. Niall explained to us that it was a sign of a healthy bird population if we had a sparrowhawk visiting our gardens and that we should learn to appreciate and respect this beautiful bird. Thank you very much Niall for visiting the branch and for an excellent presentation.

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