Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Dawn Chorus Farnham Estate, Cavan

Report by Heather:

We walked from the hotel to Farnham lake through some very nice habitat of old mixed woodland, big mature oak pines and fir. At the beginning all three thrushes and robins were serenading us. As light increased wrens, goldcrests, and the warblers joined in. Chaffinch, bluetit and coal tit near the end. We picked up swans, coots, greatcrested grebes, herons and mallard at the lake. No sign of terns or blackheaded gulls ( this was  a breeding site in the past). The highlight for me was a red squirrel moving about the front lawn of the big house where there are several very old big conifers.

The Cavan branch is very grateful to the Farnham estate for permission to visit such a rich  interesting habitat . It has interesting native flora with a high density of song birds.

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