Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Presentation By Niall Hatch in Virginia

Report by Elizabeth

“The Waterbirds of County Cavan”, a talk by Niall Hatch, was held in the Riverfront Hotel Virginia on 4th October. There was a good turnout for this very informative talk where we learned many interesting facts about water-birds. Niall spoke of the conservation efforts of Birdwatch Ireland to protect the breeding sites of roseate and little terns but reminded us how important it is that these birds are also protected in their wintering grounds in Africa. He spoke of the importance of Ireland also as a wintering site for many species of waterfowl, in particular the slobs in Wexford which holds a large percentage of the population of Greenland White-fronted geese during the winter months.  It was also interesting to hear how some species such as the little egret have begun to breed in Ireland whereas the breeding populations of curlews has crashed in recent years, sadly leaving them at risk of being lost as a breeding species here. Clink on the following link to learn more about Birdwatch Irelands appeal to save this bird here.http://www.birdwatchireland.ie/Ourwork/CryoftheCurlewAppeal/tabid/1106/Default.aspx

 We would like to say thank you to Niall for visiting the branch and for a really interesting presentation.

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