Sunday, 17 November 2013

Outing to Inch Reserve on Sunday 10 November

Inch Reserve photo Margaret Fay
photo by Clare Donoghue
Black-headed gulls by Clare Donoghue

A branch outing to Inch Reserve and Blanket Nook, Co.Donegal was held on Sunday 10th November. We met up at Inch reserve at 10.30 am where we were joined by Donegal Branch BWI member Chris Ingram. The bright and frosty morning made for excellent viewing conditions and before setting out from the car park we enjoyed views of large numbers of whooper swans,greylag geese and even a few pink-footed geese feeding in the nearby fields

As we made our way to the hide blackbirds, thrushes and goldcrests were seen feeding on the large crop of berries in the hedgerows. The area surrounding the embankment held many species including grey heron, goldeneye, little grebe and several curlews. Upon reaching the hide, the good light conditions and large numbers of waders and wildfowl present made for a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon during which we observed golden plover, lapwing, gadwall, ruff, coot and tufted duck.

Some of the group members Photo Margaret Fay

After a short lunch break we headed to the nearby site of Blanket Nook. Here we spotted many waders including black-tailed godwit and greenshank, as well as significant numbers of whooper swans and greylag geese. The particularly special sighting of a peregrine falcon resting on a post made for an exciting end to the outing.

A special thank you to Chris for his help on the day and to Clare, Michael and Margaret for sharing their photos.

Watching the peregrine at Blanket Nook

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