Thursday, 12 December 2013

Garden Bird talk by Jamie Durrant Tuesday 26th November

Report by Heather Bothwell

The wonderful world of birds outside your window.
Jamie Durrants talk on feeding winter birds.

To those who missed Jamie’s talk it is hard to transmit the energy and enthusiasm that Jamie brought to an every -day topic.  Jamie has long experience working in bird conservation and ecological surveys. He has also worked bringing the world of birds to the general public as Birdwatch Ireland membership officer.  The full house in the County Museum ,Ballyjamesduff enjoyed an informative and entertaining talk on feeding birds in winter.  Jamie’s talk was very practical and to get some handy advice on feeding birds follow the link.
For those that want to go a bit further and increase your enjoyment of garden birds why not share your information and contribute to the garden bird survey?
For those that are interested in making their patch a garden bird habitat  follow the link
And for those interested in a free garden bird pack when they support Birdwatch Ireland  visit;

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