Thursday, 12 December 2013

Good news story Birds of Prey

Lother Muschketat with Gerry Mc Connell
 Photo Heather Bothwell

Report by Heather Bothwell 

Cavan branch Birdwatch Ireland was impressed with the efforts made by Belturbet community,  to care and rehabilitate an injured buzzard.   The injured bird had been found by local  farmer,  Gerry McConnell. With the help of George Morrisey and Shelly Cole , the bird was taken to Eagles Flying centre, in Ballymote  Co. Sligo .  There Lothar Muschketat, was able to rehabilitate buzzard, over the next ten weeks.

Pupils from St Mary's Photo Heather Bothwell
On the 27th of November the bird was released back to the wild in Belturbet  and  the community and pupils from St. Mary’s National school came to see the bird up close.
Raptor expert , Lothar ,happily answered  the children’s’ questions and shared his knowledge of birds of prey.
Irish Birds of Prey need your help Birdwatch Ireland raptor appeal

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