Thursday, 22 May 2014

Dawn and Dusk Chorus Events

 Dawn Chorus Walk in Bailieborough.

We met up at 4.30am at the car park of the castle-lake woods for our annual dawn chorus event on Sunday 18th May.  It was still dark, blustery and threatening to rain as we set out on our walk. We had just left the car park when the first bird of the dawn chorus began to sing- a song thrush! Blackbirds soon joined in, followed be robins and then wrens.

 As we proceeded on our walk and it started to brighten up the song thrushes and blackbirds became less vocal and we were able to tune in to the songs of chaffinches, goldcrests, and the summer visitors that come to breed in the forest: willow warblers, chiffchaffs and blackcaps.

 Before finishing up, we stopped at the lake to view the great crested grebes, moorhens and mute swans. The resident female mute swan remained on her nest, but we suspected that the chicks may have been in the process of hatching. She looked to be very busy and the male was nearby paying close attention! At the lakeshore we also enjoyed the song of the sedge warblers, another species that migrates here from Africa to breed. 

 We finished the event with a cup of tea and some refreshments at the car park area and were all very glad that the rain just about managed to hold off until we were finishing up!
Thanks to everyone who brought along refreshments to share. It was much appreciated!

All above photos taken by Michael Mc Kiernan.

Dusk Chorus Walk In Killeshandra

photo Heather Bothwell
 Looking for tree creepers on the giant sequoia castle Hamilton

Report by Heather Bothwell
A Dusk Chorus Walk concentrating on birdsong took place in Killeshandra on Sunday 27th April. This was a short walk highlight of which was grasshopper warblers. We retreated after an hour before the midges got too hungry.

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