Tuesday, 24 March 2015


Michael Casey from Birdwatch Sligo gave an interesting presentation in Cavan county museum recently, on the subject of a declining swift population.
Concerned with the apparent decline in swifts, he and Sligo locals set up the Tubbercurry Swift Project. 

Swifts spend most of their life on the wing, landing only to nest, arriving in Ireland in May, staying until August.
Their Latin name, “Apus apus” means “footless footless”, referencing the fact that their weak and small feet only allow them to cling to vertical surfaces or shuffle akwardly on the ground, being unable to take off in flight from the ground.
They need high buildings and crevices as they drop from the nest before gaining momentum to fly.
There is alot of work being done in Ireland and across Europe to help the swift. If you have any information or are interested in finding out how to get more involved, please contact us!

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